Sunday, May 14, 2006

Carnival of Socialism number two

Mike Schafer's Think Socialist has hosted this fortnight's carnival: here!

Why not pop by and have a look?

Andrew Rihn at is already preparing next fortnight's celebrations. E-mail your articles to him at
If you are interested in joining our band of itinerant hosts or just becoming a fellow-traveller of the carnival, email your blog details to


Simon Hodges said...

Hey folks,
Firstly, thank you for putting on the latest Carnival of Socialism, I'm very flattered and extremely glad that you're getting together.

However, wouldn't it be better to just have it all on the one blog and have it cooperatively managed. It'll make it easier for bloggers to tune in every sunday and have it as a reference point rather than having to follow a number of disparate links.

Just a small suggestion, however, it's a great project - keep it up

John A said...

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your idea, but it'd be a big hassle to get everyone to sign up and the traffic for your own blog is an incentive to host one. In addition, doing it this way means that I can mirror it on other free blogging tools. If it takes off, it might be more accessible on one page. Thanks for the feedback!

Unknown said...

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