Sunday, July 27, 2008

Carnival #25 out now at Cruella's

The 25th Carnival of Socialism is out now over at Cruella's, and she's done an absolutely fantastic job.

"There's no special theme to the carnival other than "political stuff from the last two weeks that I'm interested in and hopefully you are too"." Which is one of my favourite flavours of Carnival.

We've got blog posts from all over the world, on all kinds of subjects and a discussions sparked up less than 24 hours after the Carnival was posted - good job Kate.

The next Carnival will be over at A Very Public Sociologist on the 8th August and he's taking the theme of how the left uses the net to campaign. "I would [also] like to hear other comrades on why they blog, the relationship between blogs and Leninist groupings, the future of left blogging, etc."


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