Monday, April 13, 2009

33rd Carnival of Socialism

The 33rd Carnival of Socialism is out now over at Harpy Marx. A damn fine job it is too!

Prepare yourselves for this but we've had a wonderful influx of new volunteers so our schedule now looks like this;

26th April - View from Steeltown
10th May - BoffyBlog
24th May - The Third Estate
7th June - New Direction
21st June - Penny Red
5th July - Infantile and Disorderly
19th July - Renegade Eye
2nd August - Red Wombat (tbc)
16th August - Ragged Trousered Philanthropist
30th August - Louis Proyect
13th September - Madam Miaow (tbc)
27th September - Bickerstaffe Record
10th October - Another Green World is Possible (tbc)
24th October - Ten Percent
7th November - Some Roses Are Red
21st November - Red Star Coven


Leftwing Criminologist said...

is there gonna be another mayday special this year?

Unknown said...

Through emailing with Phil BC (AVP) mine (TenPercent) is moved to the 31st of October, for a Halloween Carnival! (Can someone amend the list?)

Jim Jepps said...

Hi Rick - I've moved your date - looking forward to it already!

Hi LC - if you'd like to write a special Mayday post for us I'll put it on the blog as a special :)

(sorry for delay in replying hadn't seen these comments)

Dave Semple said...

I notice that the Christmas round up hasn't been filled yet - so I'd like to volunteer "Though Cowards Flinch" for the December 19th slot.

Jim Jepps said...

That's great Dave - I've added you on the 19th - Xmas edition :)

Unknown said...

This really answered my problem, thank you!

Unknown said...

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